50 Shades of a Grey: The Many Ways I Rocked This Polka Dot Dress to Exhaustion This Summer

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It’s the final day of my month of fashion dieting*, and as you can see, I’m jumping for joy! I also have a beard for some reason (see pic 5). Challenging as it might have seemed, the limitation of only being able to wear 6 items of clothing was actually quite liberating. In fact, I re-counted today and realized I didn’t even don my 6th garment at all, mostly due to the fact that I wore my handy dandy polka dress to almost every function fathomable. From birthdays to weddings to bridal showers, the dress acted as my sidekick for the month and showcased once again that fashion is all about fun and function, not quantity.

* In case you don’t yet know the backstory of what the 6 Items Fashion Diet is and why I’m doing it, click here to get the whole scoop.

Day 31 Outfit:

– Grey (ok, I guess it’s really more like a taupe) polka dot dress: H&M
– Ivory purse: Prada
– Avarcas slip-on sandals: Riudavets (check out the always knowledgeable Emma Grady’s article about this new, ethically-made fashion sensation, which has actually been a staple in Menorcan wardrobes for years, here)

It may sound daunting, but I really encourage you to try out the 6 Items Style Challenge yourself. We live in a society that’s so used to fast fashion, that simply being photographed in the same dress at two different weddings results in an “OMG, I die” moment – but why? What is so terrible? I hope that everyone who steps outside of this bizarre mindset for even a month by taking the challenge can come to a place where they’re able to be more resourceful and creative with a more pared down, quality wardrobe. And after you’ve tried it, please come back and comment on how you felt after – I feel confident that it’ll inspire a positive change in you. Plus, you just have a lot more time in your life when you don’t have to decide what to wear everyday. : /


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