50 Shades of Amy

We celebrated our beloved Amy’s birthday by throwing her a 50 Shades of Grey theme party overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Hope it was a memorable time Amy! We love you!

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We all wore grey (or at least what we thought was grey) and asked Amy to stand out by wearing a bright color. Isn’t it fitting that she chose the exact color of the sunset?

Nancy presented Amy with an exquisite grey mask and Earl Grey tea! And Jenn supplied colorful zipties just like the ones the characters in the book tied each other up with.

Amy had a lot of fun with this red feather tickler given to her by Christina.

Perhaps a little too much fun.

Beautiful sparkly card made for Amy by Arie!

Genie shows Amy how to use her gift – beer goggles!

Hey boys! Those handcuffs aren’t for you!

Sandy bought Amy this pretty red velvet cake from our favorite bakery.

The lovely owner’s girlfriend presented Amy with a bottle of champagne for her bday. She was so wonderful – sorry for the mess we (I) ended up creating!

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  1. Tiffany Moore says:

    Where did you get that mask?


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