What is Clossette?

The Story of Clossette

My name is Yuka and I’m a shopaholic. Well, was a shopaholic. I was always a jeans and sweatshirt kinda girl, but when I graduated from college and got a job in the city, I went a leeeetle crazy with the shopping – okay, a lot crazy. Then I learned about where the clothes I was buying came from and how they were affecting and hurting other people, particularly women and children, around the globe. The idea that these crimes against women, pollution and chemicals going into our water and bodies, and just sheer waste were all happening because I wanted a new top or jeans really made me feel ashamed. I knew I had to make a difference in my own life, so I started thrift shopping, supporting sustainable designers and making my own clothes and I feel wonderful knowing that the garments I wear don’t contribute to anyone else being hurt (except maybe for the people who have to look at my crazy outfits).

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What is Clossette?

Clossette is a worldwide closet, a “re-lovable” clothing line, and a personal style blog where you can share what you wear. But it’s also a thought revolution. I know that for some people, buying clothes that someone else has already worn may sound gross or weird. But did you know that the shirts, sweaters, skirts and shoes you’ve been buying at major retailers might be made at factories where sexual assaults are normal occurrences? I don’t know about you, but that disgusts me way more than the thought of another girl having owned the pair of jeans I’m wearing now. And I sure as heck am not going to support it. But that’s the thing. When you need a new outfit to go out in and you swing by a fast fashion shop and pick one up, you really don’t know what you’re supporting with your money. If you want the clothes you wear to be clean -that is clean of unfair practices, misogyny and chemicals that might even seep into your skin – join the Clossette thought revolution.

The Clossette Team

Meet our team!

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The Clossette Studio

In addition to finding new homes for preloved clothes, I’ve teamed up with my mom (she’s an awesome seamstress) to breathe new life into vintage and secondhand garments by cutting them up, refashioning and sewing them back together in an extra flattering new way – think of us as Cinderella’s lil’ mouse and bird buddies that helped her whip up a special dress for her to wear to the ball, except, you know, more human-like.

When you buy Clossette, you’re adopting an orphaned goody that just needed a little tender love and care to be a sparkly new treasure again. It’s slower, greener fashion and guess what? With an outfit from Clossette, you’ll never be that girl at the party who’s mortified because someone else is wearing the same exact thing. You’ll always have something one of a kind, fresh and new (even though it’s actually old). I think that’s pretty cool and I hope you will too once you have a Clossette piece of your own.

What our customers are saying:

I bought a gorgeous silk top from Clossette at the 14th Street Y pop-up shop in September. It was a bit long for me, so Yuka kindly offered to take the hem up- as a free service! She did the alteration, and posted the top to me within one week. I absolutely LOVE my new Clossette top, and am now a big Clossette fan! Thanks, Yuka!

– Brenna M.

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