HOW TO: Make Boot Keepers with Your Back Issues of Vogue and Glamour

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We’ve all experienced it – boot slump. When the weather warms up and you go to store your favorite pairs of boots only to have the tops flop over like Sad Sam’s ears, creating a messy situation in your closet and making your boots more likely to get fall into disrepair. I’ve seen products on the market like these blow up “boot keepers,” but who wants to spend more money on plastic when the solution to boot slump could already be right on your coffee table – back issues of your favorite magazines! They’re free (well, besides the money you originally dished out for your subscription), they keep your boots nice and crisp, and when you go to fetch them in the fall, you’ll get a blast of past fashion inspiration (because who wants to be a slave to the season’s latest trends anyway?).

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DIY: How to Make a Terrarium Necklace

DIY, How to Make a Terrarium Necklace, terrarium necklace, terrarium, how to make a terrarium, living necklace, plant necklace, glass bottle necklace, closette, clossette, diy fashion, diy necklace, diy jewelry, diy gift, diy idea,

Terrariums – glass containers with little gardens inside – are really popular these days as home accessories, but they make lovely fashion accessories too! All you have to do is make one on a slightly smaller scale in a bottle like this one with a ring attached to it so that you can wear it as a necklace. If you know someone who loves plants, these terrarium necklaces make really special gifts and will last a heck of a lot longer than flowers. They’re really easy to make too – read on for the DIY instructions.

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How To Make Touchscreen Texting Gloves for iPhone or Droid

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I recently did a DIY tutorial on Ecouterre about how to turn your regular gloves into touchscreen compatible texting gloves and it’s been really popular so I thought I would share it here too. Read on for the super simple How To.


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DIY: Don’t Throw Your Pickle Juice Away, Use It to Make Pickled Daikon!

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I love pickles and can finish a jar off in one sitting, but then I’m always left with a bottle of brine that I end up pouring down the drain. While it’s not the end of the world to let that leftover pickle juice go to waste, I often wondered if it could be reused in some way and finally came up with a solution – use it to make pickled daikon! If you’re not familiar with it, pickled daikon is a popular Asian side dish/condiment (here is a recipe if you want to put some elbow grease into it and make it without the lazy man’s cheat I’m about to show you) that pairs particularly well with Bonchon chicken or other hearty dishes that could use a crisp, acidic bite.

Okay, so you probably guessed it by now, but all this DIY really entails is chopping up some daikon (to clarify, I used regular radish for this tutorial since that’s what I already had), tossing it in your leftover pickle juice and letting it brine for a few days. How easy is that? You don’t have to go through the trouble of mixing up a new batch of vinegar, salt, etc. and if you’re using a brand of pickles you already know you enjoy, you don’t have to worry about testing out the right proportions to get the taste you like just right. Plus this DIY would work with lots of other veggies like pickled peppers, pickled pearl onions or just pickles (sliced up cucumbers). They make great gifts too!


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DIY: How to Make a Tidy Jewelry Holder Display Wall for Your Rings n’ Things

diy, diy fashion, diy home decor, jewelry holder, diy jewelry holder, how to make a jewelry holder, how to display jewelry, ring holder, earring holder, necklace holder, how to make ring holder, space saving design, hanging jewelry holder, wall jewelry holder, clossette

If you’re tired of digging through a jewelry box to find your rings or frustrated with fighting necklace tangles, I think you’ll enjoy being able to organize your bits and baubles on a tidy display wall you can make yourself. Not only does this easy DIY project allow you to see all of your jewelry at once glance so you can see what’s available to you (same idea as the Pinterest shoe collection and fridge triage box), it also does double duty as wall decor! Of course if you aren’t that into the idea of a bunch of bling being too visible on your walls, you can pick a less obvious space like the one I chose – a small sliver behind a door. This DIY will only take you about half an hour, and once you’re done, you won’t believe how good it will feel to have all of your jewelry nice, neat and right at your fingertips.

Scroll down to page 2 to see the steps.

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HOW TO: Make an Edible Miniature High Line Park-Themed Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday, so I wanted to create a really special centerpiece for our table this year. At first I thought “cornucopia?” but then I decided those were pretty snore-nucopia (don’t you agree?). Then I starting thinking about Japanese kaiseki ryouri, where chefs present edible arrangements (the kind that aren’t dipped in chocolate) as tiny treasures and brainstorming about autumn in the city and it hit me! The High Line! Sorry CP, but the High Line is hands down the best park in NYC and quite possibly the world, and with its oblong shape and varied textures, it’s really the perfect landmark to recreate as a captivating miniature tablescape. I knew that it was imperative that I make all of the “flora and fauna” out of veggies and other T-day eats, but I was baffled about what to create the actual structure out of. It finally dawned on me – again, while I was binge eating in Japan – sushi takeout boxes! Read on to see the DIY steps showing how how you can turn some recycled chopsticks and plastic containers into a mini High Line Thanksgiving centerpiece that even Sandra Lee would be proud of!

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DIY: How to Make a Cute Poncho Out of an Old Blanket

HOW TO Make a Cute Poncho Out of an Old Blanket, how to make a poncho, poncho, make a poncho, diy poncho, homemade poncho, clossette, closette, refashioned clothing,

Is it just me, or does anyone else remember a time when ponchos were right up there on the fashion-suicide list with socks + sandals and hammer pants? And now you see all of those things all over Vogue and Glamour! Such is the fashion machine, right? Well, the reason I mention ponchos is that for a long time, I had a bit of an aversion to these half-blanket, half-coat hybrids until I was tidying up my closet and came upon this cream-colored throw I received from Cindy Crawford (fine, I actually got it as a favor at a party she threw from one of her PR people who took one look at me and seemed reluctant to give it to me, but doesn’t it sound much better when I say she gave it to me herself?). It’s such a lovely and cozy throw, but I’m not really a throw person – is anyone, really? Anyways, not wanting it to sit around in my closet, I wondered what could be done with it and then it came to me – it’d make an excellent poncho! Read on to see how I transformed it into one with just a few easy steps and if you have a blanket that you think could serve you a lot better as a poncho, definitely give it a try.


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DIY: How to Make a Lace Back Shirt Out of a Tank Top

lace back tank top, lace back, lace back shirt, lace back tank, lace back shirt diy, diy fashion, fashion diy, how to make a lace back shirt, how to make a lace back top, lace back top diy, how to refashion a shirt, how to refashion a tank top, tank top refashion diy, lace back tee shirt, clossette, how to make a tank top, how to make a tank top out of a t shirt, how to make a tank top out of a pillow case, pillow case tank top, mullet shirt, how to make a mullet shirt

Lace back tank tops and t-shirts have been really popular lately, and it’s easy to see why – they’re breezy (lot of ventilation), pretty and add a lot of visual interest to what might be an otherwise boring outfit. If you’ve been scouring the stores for the perfect sheer back top but haven’t found one you fancy, why not try making your own using a shirt you already have? Despite their complex look, sheer back shirts are extremely easy to make yourself, especially if you’re just refashioning a tank top that you’ve grown bored of. To see how to complete this simple fashion DIY, click on the pages below for the full instructions.


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DIY: How to Make a Handy Bobby Pin Holder Out of a Cheap Refrigerator Magnet

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Bobby pins are an essential beauty tool for most women (at least those of us who enjoy voluminous ‘dos), but keeping them organized and easy to find when you need them can be a vexing task. If you need a cheap and simple solution that will keep your bobby pins right at your fingertips, look no further than your fridge. You know those promotional magnets that takeout places give out for free? Read on to see how to turn one into a DIY wall organizer for pins and small earrings.


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Insane Jimmy Choo Cake!

Insane Jimmy Choo cake for Jenn's bridal shower.

Insane Jimmy Choo cake for Jenn's bridal shower.

From our Instagram feed:

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HOW TO: Turn an Ugly Shirt into a Cute Skirt [No Sewing]

How to Turn an Ugly Shirt into a Cute Skirt, how to turn a shirt into a skirt, no sew clothing refashion, clothing diy, diy, diy clothes, diy clothing, diy crafts, diy fashion, diy fashion blogs

Babydoll shirts with all sorts of weird bunching and shirring used to be in style until we realized that they made everyone look equally preggers. So now there are a ton of these unflattering tops floating around unloved even though many of them still have nice, bold prints like the Marc Jacobs-esque large flower pattern on this one. If you’re the owner of one of these shirts and are not quite sure what to do with it, here’s a really easy, no-sew fashion DIY showing you how to turn an ugly babydoll shirt into a summer skirt just in time for the warm weather. I think you’ll really be surprised at how simple this tutorial is, and depending on the shirt you use, you can make the bottom into a skirt and the top into a cute bandeau.


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DIY: How to Make a Retro Clutch Out of an Old Video Tape Box

How to Make a clutch bag, how to make a bag, diy bag, diy clutch, video tape clutch, retro clutch, video box clutch, video clutch, how to make your own bag, diy fashion, fashion diy,

I recently dug up this old Paula Abdul cardio dance video with the intention of burning some calories when I realized that A. I’m allergic to exercise and B. I no longer own a VCR. Downtrodden but not completely hopeless, I inspected the relic like an archaeologist and was impressed with both its uber-simplistic 90s colorblock design and the sturdiness of the box’s closing mechanism when it came to me – this could make a really unique DIY clutch. After all, the dimensions are pretty much spot-on and it’s just so wonderfully kitsch/nostalgic/ironic. And the beauty of it is that you can pretty much use any video box that you want for your own clutch (I highly doubt anyone else owns this Paula Abdul workout video or will admit to it?). Technically, you could even use the box as a clutch unmodified but I wanted to add a few touches to make it more obvious that it was an actual purse and not just a video that you’re carrying around.

Another really cool thing about this DIY is that if your video case is the kind with a transparent sleeve and piece of paper that slides in and out, you can swap out the graphic with whatever you want to make this a really versatile clutch. For example, if you have a piece of paper from another video – say The Breakfast Club – you can just remove Paula Abdul and slip that in instead. Or you can even leave the clear sleeve empty and use it as a white clutch. The possibilities are endless!

For the full DIY tutorial, scroll down and click page 2.

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Goodwill Hunting: Houndstooth Dolce and Gabbana Heels for $5

Dolce and Gabbana, Dolce and Gabbana shoes, clossette, second hand clothes, dolce and gabbana heels, thrift shopping, thrift stores,

Sorry if I sound like a broken record but if you still need a reason to try second hand shopping, maybe this will push you over the edge: beautiful, houndstooth leather, made in Italy, like brand new Dolce and Gabbana heels for five dollars. FIVE bucks! When I found these babies at my local thrift shop, I just couldn’t believe how pristine they were, and check out the funky cutouts on the sides of the shoes, too. To think, if you bought these at the D&G store, they’d run upwards of 300 smackers, and here they were at a second hand shop for 1/60th the price just because someone didn’t want them anymore. Isn’t the world strange sometimes?

Have an unbelievable thrift shop find you want to share with other Clossette readers? Submit it here and we’ll take a look!

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Current Obsession: Jelly Bags and See-Through Purses

Vintage Moschino Clear Bow Tote – AU $165 on Claire Inc.

Remember when see-through bags were all the rage? Whether it was a clear Polo Sport bag, a lime green jelly purse from Delia’s or that tea-colored Louis Vuitton that Stacy Dash rocks in Kanye’s All Falls Down video, these transparent totes were fun statement pieces a few years ago and now I’ve been seeing them all over the pages of spring fashion mags. My favorite ones are the vintage pieces made of lucite and the ones that are slightly tinted so you don’t bare your whole soul – the entire subway car doesn’t need to know that you’re reading I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. The fact that these crystalline carry-alls are now back “in”, is also a great example of the fact that if you really want to be fashion forward, all you need to do is dig up the stuff in the back of your own (or someone else’s) closet. Flip through the pages below to see and see through all 12 of these vintage and secondhand pieces of eye candy.

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4 Clever Ways to Use Up Your Leftover Watermelon Rind

It’s already August and looks like the first days of school are right around the corner! The weather on the other hand, didn’t seem to get the memo because I’m still sporting my flip flops and shades. While I have no problem with an extended summer, there are only a few things I crave during these hot, humid days and at the top of my list… is watermelon! Although it’s super juicy, bright red and delicious, watermelon is one of those fruits where a lot ends up going to waste. But did you know that the white rind we’re so quick to throw away has many great uses? Try some of these options below and see how waste-less you can be!

  1. Pickled Watermelon Rind: Hey, you pickle cucumbers so why not try it with watermelon rind? Use your favorite pickling recipe and use watermelon rinds where they call for cucumbers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the similar taste and texture!
  2. Sweetened Watermelon Rind: Though the white rind of the watermelon is not as sweet as the red flesh, it’s still edible and definitely has a great crunchy texture. If you have a sweet tooth and you’re craving a great refreshing snack, dice up some watermelon rind and top with your favorite sweetener whether it be sugar, equal, honey or even coconut milk.
  3. Acne Treatment: We’ve all gone through it… being a pimple-faced teenager dreading going to school. Eating watermelon rind can help with acne problems but rubbing the rinds on the skin surface can also help clear up acne
  4. Watermelon Cups: (My personal fave!): This may be a bit time consuming but if you want your guests to rave about your food AND your drinkware, grab yourself some mini watermelons and make some personalized watermelon cups. The natural juices from the watermelon will also be a great added taste for all party goers. All you need is an x-acto knife and a steady hand.
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Gotham City Batman Cap

#gothamcity #nyc #togetheragain @rebeccapaulz

Big love to Alyssa for getting me this adorable Gotham Batman cap. I’m, so cat-oriented that I originally thought it was feline-inspired!


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