HOW TO: Make a Sad Old Pillow Case Into a Summery Tank Top

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Pillowcases, like earrings, shoes, and even some people, just don’t seem to function as well when they aren’t in a pair. So what do you do when you’re left with just one pillowcase after losing one to the laundry monster? Well, there’s no reason why you can’t just keep using it, but if you’re one of those people who is nitpicky about things matching, you can also turn your lone pillowcase into a cute summery top. Read on for the instructions.

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Babyletto Hula Crib and Bassinet

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One of the worries I had when I first became pregnant was that baby-related topics would begin to dominate my life: I swore to never become one of those moms who blabbers on incessantly about kid stuff! But alas, that fear is already manifesting with each word I type here as I write my very first baby product post ever on Clossette. In my defense, though, this post is more of a service for other parents and parents-to-be searching for information on the Babyletto Hula crib, since there doesn’t seem to be much available on the interwebs yet. I first learned about this beautiful and eco-friendly oval crib at The Bump‘s adorable and educational Motherlode event last week, and am interested in it because:

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Easy, Free and Green Boot Storage Idea

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We’ve all experienced it – boot slump. When the weather warms up and you go to store your favorite pairs of boots only to have the tops flop over like Sad Sam’s ears, creating a messy situation in your closet and making your boots more likely to get fall into disrepair. I’ve seen products on the market like these blow up “boot keepers,” but who wants to spend more money on plastic when the solution to boot slump could already be right on your coffee table – back issues of your favorite magazines! They’re free (well, besides the money you originally dished out for your subscription), they keep your boots nice and crisp, and when you go to fetch them in the fall, you’ll get a blast of past fashion inspiration (because who wants to be a slave to the season’s latest trends anyway?).

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Rainbow Mix Sprouts are Out!

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Happy #worldplantingday everyone! I just wanted to share the progress my precious 🌈 mix micro greens have been making. As you can see, they’re still extremely micro, but more and more of them have been peeking their brightly colored heads out. Does anyone know what that butterfly-ish one is?

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