Current Obsession: Jelly Bags and See-Through Purses

Current Obsession: Clear Bags and See Through Purses

Vintage Moschino Clear Bow Tote – AU $165 on Claire Inc.

Remember when see-through bags were all the rage? Whether it was a clear Polo Sport bag, a lime green jelly purse from Delia’s or that tea-colored Louis Vuitton that Stacy Dash rocks in Kanye’s All Falls Down video, these transparent totes were fun statement pieces a few years ago and now I’ve been seeing them all over the pages of spring fashion mags. My favorite ones are the vintage pieces made of lucite and the ones that are slightly tinted so you don’t bare your whole soul – the entire subway car doesn’t need to know that you’re reading I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. The fact that these crystalline carry-alls are now back “in”, is also a great example of the fact that if you really want to be fashion forward, all you need to do is dig up the stuff in the back of your own (or someone else’s) closet. Flip through the pages below to see and see through all 12 of these vintage and secondhand pieces of eye candy.

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Trick to Get Your Family to Finish Their Chores

Source: via CJ on Pinterest


Smart tip from Better Homes and Gardens to trick your family into finishing their chores. Make this Cluster Busting Game using ping pong balls, an erasable marker and whatever container/basket you have handy. Mark each ball with a chore that needs to be done and then tell them it’s a game where you choose a ball, complete the task on it and then move onto the next one. Whoever has the most balls at the end wins a prize! Plus it’s a way to reuse your old beer pong balls from college (or last Friday night).

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