Check Out My New Thrift Shopping Series “Goodwill Hunting” on Ecouterre!

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Whether you care about saving the environment or you just want one of a kind clothes for cheap, that here are so many reasons that thrift shopping rules! But it doesn’t get the best rap. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it has the word “thrift” in it, or the fact that people are just loathe to buy things that were previously owned by others (which kind of doesn’t make sense to me since even when you buy something “new,” it was most likely tried on by dozens of other people or even taken home to someone else’s place and then returned). Either way, I believe firmly that secondhand shopping is a first rate experience and that it’s actually the wave of the future. That’s why I decided to introduce as many people as I can to the joys of thrift shopping with my new series on Ecouterre – Goodwill Hunting! For the very first installment, I headed to the NYC area’s second oldest secondhand store, the Bayside Thrift Shop and end up scoring an entire outfit for $21! Read on to see everything else I picked up – including a pair of summery tangerine sandals for just $5 and a preppy belt for a buck.


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