Did You Win Our Chanel Giveaway?

Yesterday was the last day of our Chanel Giveaway and we’ve chosen our winners! Read on to see if you’ll be getting a special package in the mail soon…

The diamond prize winner is Claritza Cruz!

Congratz Claritza! You can choose between two styles of relovable Chanel sunglasses so email us at hello[at]clossette.com to tell us which one you prefer.

The platinum prize winner is Jean Cho!

Nice Jean – you just won a new Guess watch to match with your fall wardrobe and you can also redeem your gift certificate for a box of two dozen delectable liquor-infused bite-size cupcakes from Smashed Sweets for your next shindig. Yum!

The gold prize winner is Tiffany Sollog!

You go Tiffany – we’ll be packaging up your new Chanel charm necklace and sending it out!

And last but not least, the silver prize winner is Melonie Carpenter!

Melonie, you are the proud new owner of this cute Bebe charm bracelet – congratz!

See pics of all the prizes here.

*Winners were chosen randomly using this service.

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