Earn Free Clothes in Exchange for Facebook Likes with Clossette Social Media Rewards

Earn free clothes in exchange for Facebook Likes, clossette, second hand clothing, diy fashion

Earn free clothes in exchange for Facebook Likes, clossette, second hand clothing, diy fashion

Turn the “Likes” you get on Facebook into money you can spend on cute clothes with Clossette’s new social media rewards program! It’s your chance to get actual Clossette cash to spend on our re-lovable, vintage and second hand clothes, bags and shoes in exchange for Facebook likes (something you have a lot of already anyways).

So how does it work? (If you already know, skip ahead to the form below)


Snap a pic of something in your closet that you love, or your favorite outfit. It can be anything as long as it contains one piece that is second hand, eco-friendly, borrowed, thrifted, or something that you’ve had forever and will never throw away. Upload your pic and fill out the form below. It only takes a minute!

We’ll email you with a link when your pic is live on Clossette. Creativity is encouraged!


Once your outfit is live, post the link on your Facebook timeline and any other social media sites asking your friends to click the “Like” button right above your pic on Clossette. For every twenty likes you get, you’ll get $5 to spend on anything you like on Clossette. Just think – that means with just eighty likes, you can get a twenty dollar dress for free. Even cooler? There’s no limit to the number of likes you can get so you can get even more expensive items for free too as long as your friends give you likes*.

Clossette Social Media Rewards Program, clossette, second hand clothing

How do you redeem your Likes? When you want to stop collecting likes and trade them in for Clossette money, just fill out our redeem Likes form with the item you want to trade in your likes for. That’s it! Remember that the Likes need to be on a post on Clossette.com for them to count. Likes on your own Facebook page or timeline cannot be redeemed.

Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 67.108864MB
For best results make sure your image is less than 1MB large.

*Likes cannot be used towards shipping. By submitting your photo through the form above, you give Clossette the right to publish, reproduce and remix it.

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