FOOD: The Big Bad Wolf?

the big bad wolf, food, clossette, closette, bacon, pork

the big bad wolf, food, clossette, closette, bacon, pork

Everyone knows the story about the three little pigs… one of those children’s stories that starts with “Once upon a time…” and the main character(s) outsmart the “villain” and they live happily ever after. Well, I have an argument… why was the wolf, so bad? I had an epiphany as I was food shopping this morning and going over details of my hopeful, soon-to-be new catering business. The Wolf never had a fair trial. Let me share my tangled web of thoughts with you over the next few minutes.

My friend, and founder of Clossette recently posted an article on Google+ titled “9 Famous Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along” and the intro to the article sums it all up…

“Being a movie villain is not easy. Nobody respects your work, everyone loves your sworn enemy, and cheers if he straight up murders your ass. Of course, the villains deserve it, right? Well, actually Hollywood is littered with supposedly evil characters that, when you take a step back and ignore the cackling laughter and yellow teeth, were clearly the ones getting screwed over.”

Fast forward to my morning shopping adventure. As I was walking past the refrigerated section of the market I found myself standing in front of my own version of the three little pigs… there was pig 1… the ham, pig 2… the sausage, and pig 3… the bacon. I remembered the article that Yuka had posted and thought… the Wolf was definitely misunderstood.

I mean, the poor guy was just hungry, right? The Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz was given a second chance, why not the Wolf? He was merely trying to survive! I smell another Broadway hit here people!

I’m just saying… would I huff and puff and blow the house down for ham? Stick it in between a roll with an egg in the morning and consider me in. Sausage? Um… yes?! Bacon? The thing that tastes good on anything, especially doughnuts (yes I’m serious, try it)? Of course!

Maybe it’s my love for food, pork in particular that has caused me to switch sides in this battle that seemed so different when I was 5 years old but, it’s so clear to me now. I’m not saying that it was right of the Wolf to destroy their homes but, dude was just looking for some grub.

So next time you hear the story of the Three Little Pigs… don’t be so hard on the Wolf. We’ve all been hungry, he just had to work a little harder for his food…

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