HOW TO: Make an Edible Miniature High Line Park-Themed Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday, so I wanted to create a really special centerpiece for our table this year. At first I thought “cornucopia?” but then I decided those were pretty snore-nucopia (don’t you agree?). Then I starting thinking about Japanese kaiseki ryouri, where chefs present edible arrangements (the kind that aren’t dipped in chocolate) as tiny treasures and brainstorming about autumn in the city and it hit me! The High Line! Sorry CP, but the High Line is hands down the best park in NYC and quite possibly the world, and with its oblong shape and varied textures, it’s really the perfect landmark to recreate as a captivating miniature tablescape. I knew that it was imperative that I make all of the “flora and fauna” out of veggies and other T-day eats, but I was baffled about what to create the actual structure out of. It finally dawned on me – again, while I was binge eating in Japan – sushi takeout boxes! Read on to see the DIY steps showing how how you can turn some recycled chopsticks and plastic containers into a mini High Line Thanksgiving centerpiece that even Sandra Lee would be proud of!


About Yuka

Yuka Yoneda is a writer, cheese lover and JeDIY master whose love of recycled fashion led her to start as a resource for folks looking to revamp what they already have in their closets. Her penchant for crafting has a lot to do with what she's seen around her in NYC, where she was born and raised. She believes that if you can make stuff here, you can make stuff anywhere, so that's exactly what she does. Yuka is also the Managing Editor of Inhabitat NYC and her refashioned clothing and DIY ideas have been featured on The Today Show, Glamour, and other websites and magazines. Yuka also writes for Ecouterre and has written for The Daily Green and The New York Times.

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