HOW TO: Make Perfect Chanel Cookies

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My friend Diana is having a baby girl, and though I haven’t known her too long, she’s already shown me what a genuine, generous and kind person she is, so of course I wanted to do something special for her shower. On the first day we really got to know one another, Diana pulled out her wallet (she kept on insisting that she pay for everything) and then so did I – we actually got into a bit of a pulling fight at the cash register – “No, I’m gonna pay.” “NO, I’M gonna pay!” – and that’s when we realized both of our wallets were Chanel. As I got to know Diana better, I drooled over her other Chanel items and I think the brand really epitomizes her class, style and generosity.

Long story short – here are the Chanel cookies I made for her special baby shower! Read on for the full DIY tutorial on how to make some of your own.

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