HOW TO: Use Old Buttons to Spruce Up Your Clothes

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If you’re like me and save all of those buttons that come in a little package attached to the shirts you buy, here’s a DIY way to actually put them to good use instead of having them just sit in a box in your dresser for twenty years. Lately some of my boyfriend Jack’s hoarding ways have rubbed off on me because I’ve been keeping more and more things – like random buttons – thinking I’ll reuse them one day. And low and behold, that time has finally come! Read on to see how I used my buttons to fix the broken straps of a top that I love so that I could wear it again and do the same with your old buttons.

I stumbled upon this idea because of my favorite top (see above). I was at dinner with a few friends and as I was adjusting it, I realized one of the straps had snapped. So I quickly took my tiny hair clip and somehow clipped the strap back on, temporarily of course. Soon I began to feel the other side of my top slowly falling loose, and eventually that strap snapped too! Luckily I had a cardigan on. Quickly, I tied the two straps together and made my top into a makeshift halter. I was good for the rest of the night but I realized that I probably needed a more permanent fix. My solution? I attached my old saved up buttons o to the top and looped the straps on. It’s quick, easy and it saves me from having to get it fixed ($$$).

As you can see, the steps (which you can check out in the gallery above) are pretty simple. You can easily just tie your own knot and adjust it to your liking. No more straps snapping!

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