Preloved Bridesmaids Dresses (Lot of 5) $500 Off Retail


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Have you heard that we’ve got gorgeous, practically brand new bridesmaids dresses for insanely cheap prices? It’s all because of our Great American Bridesmaids Dress Exchange where we ask groups of bridesmaids to sell their dresses (which will most likely just sit in their closets anyways) so that another group can take advantage of them. Read more about it and how you can participate here!

Our first batch of bridesmaids dresses are in and they’re brimming with charm. These wisteria-colored beauties resemble the upside-down petals of a flower and are perfect for a summer, fall or spring wedding. Despite only having been worn once, they are selling for nearly $100 off apiece which translates to $500 off for the bunch – money you can put towards your invitations, flowers or honeymoon!

Here is the description from David’s Bridal:

Strapless organza dress is elegant and feminine, perfect for any member of your bridal party.

Strapless bodice features unique pleating detail for added dimension.
Ruched waist creates a flawless and flattering look.
Layered organza skirt is soft and romantic.
Fully lined. Back zip. Imported polyester. Dry clean only.

The sizes are as follows: Three size 6s, one size 12 and one size 0. Remember, regardless of where you purchase your dresses, you’ll most likely need to have them tailored anyways so why not get them here for a steal? Have more than 5 people in your bridal party? You can always get a bargain on the first 5 here and buy the remaining matching ones right from David’s Bridal – either way you save $500 and 5 dresses that need a home get one.

Price: $200 for all 5 dresses ($40 each dress) as compared to David’s Bridal price of $695 + tax.

*Shipping is $20 but if you’re a friend of a friend and can pick the dresses up, we’ll refund that amount to you.

Have a question? Ask us at! We’re here to help.

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