Outfit Idea: Walking an Inch in My Grandma’s Tasseled Ivory Slippers

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Day 6 in Kyushu, Japan. My grandma has always been a very fashionable lady, and while she can hardly hear or walk any more, she still dresses as sharp as ever. “Look around in that closet over there and if you see any of my shoes you like, take them home,” she told us (in Japanese). Well, for a girl like me who loves stuff with a story, that was like an invitation to a party. But alas, whether it be genetics or good old fashioned American over-nourishment, my feet are ginormous compared to everyone else in my family (even my grandpa : /). “Those won’t fit you,” he said. Thanks granpa. Haha. Regardless, I found a pair of the cutest, ivory flats with little tassels and squashed my feet into ’em. How I wish they would fit! Anyhoo, here is the outfit that resulted. Read on for the rest.

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