How to Use Your Clossette Stain Repair Kit!

If you’re reading this page, it means that you have a nifty Clossette Stain Repair Kit in your hands and you’re wondering how to use it. Just follow these simple instructions!

Step 1: Find a stained garment (an unstained one will work just as well) to use your stain coverup iron-on patch on. Hint: your patch will work best on a white or light-colored surface. Prewash and dry the garment.

Step 2: Get an iron, a pillowcase and a hard, non-porous, non-glass surface. Don’t use an ironing board. Yeah, we know that sounds weird but a regular hard surface works better.

Step 3: (If you’re a kid, please ask an adult for help with this part!) Heat your iron to the cotton setting. Do not use the steam setting.

Step 4: Place the pillowcase onto the hard surface and iron it to smooth out any wrinkles. Then lay out your garment on top of the pillowcase so that it’s nice and smooth.

Step 5: Place your stain repair patch image side down on your garment where you want it to go.

Step 6: Iron the patch with firm pressure in a straight, non-stop motion for about 2 minutes. Make sure to keep the iron moving – if you stop too long on one spot, you could burn your garment.

Step 7: Let the fabric cool completely and then carefully peel the paper backing off of your transfer. That’s it – you’ve repaired your stain and have a fun new graphic for your garment!

Washing and care

Wait about 48 hours before washing your newly repaired garment. When you do wash it, make sure you turn it insides out and use cold water to preserve the color of the patch. Try to avoid machine-drying to keep your patch looking good for a long time.

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