How to Make a DIY Baby or Bridal Shower Banner That’s Intricate-Looking (But Actually Easy)

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Is it just me, or does it seem like baby fever is in the air? How did all of my weekend plans shift so suddenly from barhopping to baby showers? Despite the bittersweet feeling of my carefree years slipping away with each invitation I receive, I’ve actually been enjoying these joyous occasions and the opportunity to contribute to the festivities with some fun DIY decor. One of my favorite things to make for friends is a customized banner, and after making so many, I’ve come up with a basic banner “recipe” that can be modified to fit any color scheme or theme. If you’re looking to make an intricate-looking banner of your own, check out my latest DIYs with YY video tutorial showing you how above!

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HOW TO: Host a Posh Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower That Your Friends Will Love


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Is it me, or is everyone and their mom getting married or having a baby these days? I’m starting to feel like being a bridesmaid is a part time job! While it can be stressful at times, the fun part is that you get to throw a party, and when it came time to throw one for one of my best friends, Sandy, the perfect theme was so obvious – tea party! In addition to being one of the prettiest and most proper ladies in town, Sandy adores tea. When planning the party, my friends Amy, Catherine and Linh also realized that making tea the theme would be an easy way to keep the event as green as possible. Since almost everyone drinks tea, we knew our favors wouldn’t go to waste like some of those bridal tchotkes (how the heck do you spell that word?) you see at Party City.

Check out the pics after the jump to see how we managed to throw this posh and pretty party inexpensively and by reusing a lot of things we already had.

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