Eco Fashion in the Park in Washington Heights: Why Eco Fashion Isn’t Just for Yuppies and Hipsters

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I can’t tell you how excited and honored I was when House of Glam was kind enough to invite us to join their Eco Fashion in the Park event at Highbridge Park in Washington Heights. So you can imagine my dismay when I told friends about it and some of them expressed their concern that people in less gentrified areas of the city may not know about eco-fashion and that our booth might be a total failure. I admit that where I live in Queens in a mostly Asian community, any mention of sustainable fashion would be met with total confusion. There are a few thrift shops, but if you tried to look for a store like Kaight where ethically made, sustainable clothing is sold exclusively, you’d have more luck finding an icicle in Hades. Still, I had a feeling that my friends were wrong about Washington Heights. First of all, they were holding an eco-fashion event there so I figured there had to be some sustainable fashion following. Secondly, it really bothered me to think that some people consider green fashion to be something that is strictly for well-to-do (and predominantly Caucasian) hipsters and yuppies. That simply isn’t the case!

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