HOW TO: Make a Catastic Kitty-Eared Snood Out of an Old Sweatshirt


My managing editor and friend Jasmin Chua‘s birthday was last month and with the frenzy of fashion week and other assorted fall events, I wasn’t able to give her a proper gift. Jasmin and I are both cat-o-phile’s so I really wanted to make something feline-related and then it dawned on me – cat-ears! I’d been working on sewing this snood for myself and realized that with a bit of alteration, I could pop some kitty ears on it and make it into a fun accessory as well as something that Jasmin could wear while accompanying her uber-cute daughter Zadie trick or treating. Read on for the instructions to make your own cat-ear snood (read this post first to make the actual snood part).

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