Clossette, amy ahn, social media manager Amy Ahn – Social Media Manager

Amy is a social media manager with an undeniable love for anything FOOD. Amy has an AS in Architectural Technology from Morrisville College and a BBA from Baruch College in Marketing Management and has fallen into the ever-growing niche of social media marketing. When she’s not dancing around in her endless world of tweets, posts and “likes” she finds an escape experimenting with different ingredients and conjuring up new creations. If she’s never tried it… she’s usually willing.

Jeanne Chang – Contributing Writer

Jeanne works as a U.N. do-gooder fighting pirates (we’re serious) and dealing with other marine issues. During her spare time, she is a contributing writer for Clossette. Her favorite topics to write about include pockets, pockets and more pockets.

so young kim, soyoung kim, soyoung kingSoyoung King – Contributing Writer

As a recent newlywed, Soyoung has discovered a whole new world of DIY tricks + techniques she’s acquired through her wedding planning as well as moving into her first home with her husband. Soyoung enjoys taking on simple, budget-friendly projects with big impact. She humbly welcomes the opportunity to join the DIY phenomenon and Clossette! She hopes to touch readers by making life a little simpler … and a little prettier.

miki yoneda, clossetteMiki Yoneda – Lead Designer

Mrs. Yoneda is the lead designer at Clossette as well as lead mother. She works her sewing magic on clothes that have fallen into disrepair, giving them a new lease on life. When she’s not at the sewing machine, she enjoys learning Italian, cooking, thrift shopping and beach chairs.

clossette, yuka yoneda, clossette founderYuka Yoneda – Founder

Yuka Yoneda is a writer, cheese lover and JeDIY master whose love of recycled fashion led her to start as a resource for folks looking to revamp what they already have in their closets. Her penchant for crafting has a lot to do with what she’s seen around her in NYC, where she was born and raised. She believes that if you can “make it” here, you can “make it” anywhere, so that’s exactly what she does. Yuka is also the managing editor of Inhabitat NYC and her refashioned clothing and DIY ideas have been featured on The Today Show, Glamour, and other websites and magazines. Yuka also writes for Ecouterre and has written for The Daily Green and The New York Times.

Yuka Yoneda featured in…

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Naya Shoes Spring Color Style Challenge: See her winning look

Telling PMC Magazine who she is

Curbed: “Move over Sandra Lee: there’s a new tablescape sheriff in town, and her name is Yuka Yoneda.”

The Today Show‘s DIY Style Week Challenge: See the DIY that won a mention on the show

Showing Glamour readers how to turn an old pillowcase into a summery tank top

Luxist Japan features Clossette’s Shop for Japan Sale

Sharing how she wears eco fashion on Eco Chick

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