The 2-Week Vegas Soba Noodle Diet

Exactly two weeks away from our good friend Catherine’s Bachelorette Party in (drum roll please…) Las Vegas! In the midst of all the weddings, baby showers, birthdays and celebrations of 2011 we’ve already steam rolled through half the year. Vegas has crept up on us and we’ve forgotten to lose the extra 8lbs we gained in the winter, you know… the extra layer we need to bear the New York winters! So my 12 week plan before Vegas has dwindled down to a mere 2 weeks… what to do…?

Being a major food addict and lover of everything pork or pasta, I cringe at the thought of giving anything up for a diet! I need my daily dose of meat and carbs people! So while discussing our Vegas dilemma and wishing “miracle” shirataki noodles were a little more tasty (I highly do NOT recommend. They’re just… wrong.) Yuka reminded me of another healthier alternative to your regular carb filled noodle… the SOBA noodle!

The soba noodle is like the forgotten step child in the noodle family and people don’t eat it enough! It’s more of a summer delicacy in the Korean culture but with a little experimenting, I think it could become a new favorite to many a noodle lover.

Last spring, my then friend and now boyfriend made me a workout calendar before I went to Vegas. It took him a few hours to plan out this workout regiment (he totally had the hots for me) and as you can see by the few days that are crossed out… it was unsuccessful. (Sorry hun)

So maybe a 2 week soba diet with some cardio will work? I guess we’ll find out, right Yuks?

Comment below with any encouragement or just to make fun of us…

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