The Great American Bridemaids Dress Exchange (Some Canadians Allowed Too)

great american bridesmaids dress exchange

great american bridesmaids dress exchange

I don’t know about you guys, but I sure have been going to a LOT of weddings lately and have even had the good fortune of being in some of them too. And as you all know, one of the perks of being in a bridal party means that you have the privilege of wearing a beauteous bridesmaid’s dress – yay! But what happens after the wedding? That sassy dress just hangs out in your closet taking up space, when it could be partying up with a whole other bridal crew. Sad isn’t it?

So wouldn’t it be great if you (and your fellow bridesmaids) could just sell or even give your matching dresses to a whole other set of girls? They’d reap the benefits of being able to buy dresses on the cheap – and most of the time these dresses are practically new anyways – except for mine which have a whole bunch of unexplained stains : / – and you or the bride who purchased the dress gets a few bucks in your pockets to recuperate some of what was spent on the wedding cuz lord knows they ain’t cheap.

So if you know any groups of bridesmaids who would be interested in posting up your dresses as a batch on Clossette to sell or if you know a bride looking to purchase dresses for her bridal party, please email with:

+ pics of the dresses
+ a short description of the dresses including the color and condition
+ the sizes and how many dresses you have in total
+ how much you want to sell them for as a batch or even piecemeal
+ the shipping cost (you might even be able to deliver them in person if you live nearby)

You can even include a little blurb about your wedding party and pics of your girls modeling the dresses. We’ll pop the dresses up on our site and notify you when a sale has been made!

So what are you waiting for? If you want to be a part of the Great American Bridesmaid Dress Exchange, email or comment below.

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