Today’s Look: Retro Plaid

retro plaid outfit idea

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Dress: A lady-like navy number thrifted from “Mint,” a little consignment shop a mile or so down the road in Katano, Japan. It’s got a sheer plaid linen overlay that’s just gorgeous.

Little purse: Japanese people are neurotic over-packagers. They wrap their potatoes individually in some stores! But the thing is, they recycle almost everything from plastic to styrofoam to even saran wrap, and people actually follow the recycling rules here. When I went to the Yufuin hot springs, I bought a beaker full of pale pink sake and it came wrapped up in this little red and cream bag. “New purse” I thought!

Cardigan: I just happened to bring this navy and white cardi that matches quite nicely with the plaid dress. Sometimes you walk into a thrift shop and the perfect little dress is already in there waiting for you in just your size and style. Most girls I know don’t like the idea of buying old clothes, but if you like the thrill of the hunt, it’s a lot more interesting than stepping into an H&M and grabbing a shirt that thousands of other girls around the world will be wearing too.

Shoes: If you read page 1, you already know the story. My sister can fit into them so maybe she will take them. Even though my feet were swollen like sausages afterwards, I was honored to be able to walk in my grandma’s shoes – even if it was nowhere close to a mile.

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